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World Atlas: Africa

World Atlas: Africa. On this page you can see the list of countries and some basic information about the people and economy of Africa.

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Information about Africa

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent of the World. The continent is considered to be the place of origin of humans. Africa is well known for its varied animal population in the wild.

Our World Atlas offers information about 56 countries of Africa. These countries cover 26,263,315 sq km of land and 1,204,876,005 people live in them. Regarding the economy of Africa, the summary of GDP of all these countries is $2,341,148,000,000. Is this amount of money high or low? If you are not sure, look at this number - GDP per person. It say more about how much the people produce here. GDP per capita is $1,943 in Africa. You can easily look at all the continents of the World and compare the GDP in them.

Map of Africa

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